AGFA presents the “Time to Get Loose Mix” (free download)

Premiered by Magnetic Magazine:

1. All Good Funk Alliance “Motivate” Featuring Rubber Johnson
2. All Good Funk Alliance “Rhythm & FX”
3. All Good Funk Alliance “I Don’t Care if it’s Your Birthday”
4. Breakbeat Junkie VS DJP “Time to Roll” (All Good Funk Alliance Remix)
5. All Good Funk Alliance “Time To Get Loose” Featuring Think Tank and BigStuff
6. Rory Hoy “Badass” (Rockmaster Rus B Remix)
7. All Good Funk Alliance “Mr. Hipnoid” Featuring Rubber Johnson
8. Funktransplant “What is Funk” (Neighbour Remix)
9. Slynk “Whoa Now” Featuring Tom Drummond
10. Kidboy “Yo Me Voy De Aqui”
11. Totalcult “Raging Horn” (Lebrosk Remix)
12. Umbo “Your Thing”
13. MD “Abusadora Part 2” (Slynk Remix)
14. Flatwound “Again” (Valique Remix)
15. The Pimps of Joytime “Keep That Music Playin” (Captain Planet Remix)
16. Smoove & Turrell “In Deep” (DJ Friction Future Boogie Dub)

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