“Fresh From The Sewer Guest DJ Mix” by AGFA!!! Download/Stream Now:

“Fresh From the Sewer Guest DJ Mix” 
by All Good Funk Alliance

Originally aired by KANE 103.7 FM in Surrey, UK
on Sunday March 31st, 2013

Free Download: 

Live straight 30 min mix all edits are done via cue points in Itch.

1. Chic “Good Times” (Kon’s Nite Time Edit)
2. Dj O’Tools “Rappers Reflight”
3. Dj Twister “Good Times DJ”
4. Johnny Pluse “Skanky Bitch” (Funkanomics Remix)
5. Rory Hoy “Run and Hide”
6. Badboe “Sweet Games”
7. Slynk “Dancefloor Silly”
8. SkiiTour “Here Come the Girls”
9. The Gaff “Do That Thing”
10. Featurecast “Ooooh!”
11. The Jungle Brothers “Beyond The World” (Nate Metro Remix)
12. Copycat “Baddest DJ” (All Good Funk Alliance Remix)
13. J-Pod “Vibes Alive” (All Good Funk Alliance Remix)
14. All Good Funk Alliance “Rhythm & FX” (Funkanomics Remix)
15. Johnny Pluse “Skanky Bitch” (TotalcUlt Remix)

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